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Rowlett Pest Control


Worn out by bugs at your home or business? We are Exodia Pest Control, Rowlett's number one pest control company offering comprehensive, reliable services. Our goal is to satisfy all clients, whether you want to get your business up and running quickly or to return to a peaceful night’s sleep. Clients support our company by requesting our services, so we strive to support them back by freeing their home or business from the pest menace.


In addition to disrupting your Rowlett business's operations and profits, pest control issues can negatively affect your bottom line. Pests can gain access to a building through cracks in the wood, holes in windows, and old weather stripping.  Unless a professional exterminator is hired, an infestation can also cause food and water contamination in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as damage to walls, wiring, and other parts of the house. It is important for businesses to hire professional pest control teams when pest infestations pose a threat to employees and customers. 


Our team is fortunate to be able to do work we love, and we are dedicated to expanding our operations. Working on a project we love is a privilege for us. Our Rowlett clients are our number one priority. Often, they don't realize just how much we love them. That's why we're unique, and that's what makes us great.

Our Pest Control Services

As one of the most trusted names in mosquito and bed bug control in Dallas-Fort Worth, we have protected residents for years. To ensure the safety of our clients, we train and license our field agents in accordance with federal and state regulations. Additionally, we have full insurance coverage. Our team will keep you informed if weather delays occur, and you can count on us to arrive on time. Our trucks are the only purple vehicles you’ll see driving around Rowlett - it's hard to miss us. We have fully branded vehicles and uniforms.


The aforementioned pests require the help of a local pest control company if you notice a pest problem in Rowlett, TX. The pest guide will assist you in identifying pests and controlling them using the tools and devices at your disposal. You can count on Exodia Pest Control for pest control in the eastern Dallas metro area!

Serving Rowlett

Our team is located in eastern Dallas, and we serve clients based in Rowlett. Our mission at Exodia is to serve as many clients within our service range as possible, as pest control is an overwhelmingly common necessity. Our company offers comprehensive pest control services throughout the region, along with exterminators with extensive experience and dedication to different parts of the city. The expert technicians at our company are committed to providing a high-quality and affordable service for any residence in Rowlett or any other city or town where roaches, rats, or other pests are present.


Rowlett, TX Pest Control

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