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Pest Control Rowlett, Texas

Aerieal of downtown Rowlett, TX.

Exodia Pest Control proudly provides our pest control services in the city of Rowlett, TX! 

Exodia's professional technician servicing a home in Rowlett, TX.



$49 / MONTH

Protect your home with our general home pest service that will keep all general pests such as ants, spiders, wasps, etc. away from your home! 

Exodia's professional technician spraying a yard in Rockwall, TX.



$49 / MONTH

Protect your yard with our general yard pest service that will keep all general pests such as ants, spiders, wasps, etc. out of your yard! 

Exodia's professional technician spraying for mosquitoes in Wylie, TX.




Protect your property with our mosquito management service and keep all of those pesky mosquitoes away so that you can enjoy your yard! 

Exodia's professional technician performing a termite treatment in Rockwall, TX.


Coming Soon



This service is not yet available, but will be soon! We are hoping to provide termite services by 2024. In the meantime, we can refer you to our partner!

Exodia's professional technician performing a rodent inspection in a kitchen in Wylie, TX.


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$25 / MONTH

Protect your property from rodents with our rodent eradication services. We have service options for prevention as well as handling active infestations.

Exodia's professional technician performing a wildlife inspection in a home in Rowlett, TX.


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Do you have an animal on your property that you don't consider a pet? We can help you! We can help whether the animal is in the yard or in your home.

What our Rowlett clients have to say about our pest control services ...

A Little More About Exterminators In Rowlett, TX

Our Company

Exodia Pest Control is based in Rowlett, TX. That's right, folks! We're a local and family owned company right here in the heart of our fast-growing city. Our owner and lead pest technician, Kody, grew up in Rowlett working various jobs in the local community including Rowlett's Recreation Center, and is a Schrade Middle School and Rowlett High School Alumnus (GO EAGLES!!!). He has also been known to play the Easter Bunny at Rowlett's Annual Eggstraordinary Egg Hunts! Completely unrelated, but this seems like a good opportunity to let everyone know that bunnies are one of the many animals that we can assist you with under our Wildlife Removal Division. Anyways, we believe that the local community comes first and that's why we're proud to serve our Rowlett community and provide quick and affordable pest control services to our fellow local residents.

Our Exterminators

The term "exterminator" is a little outdated in the pest control industry today as awareness about pesticides, the environment, and general biology has dramatically increased leading to a change in approach to pest control that does not necessarily always involve extermination. Nowadays, progressive pest control companies implement an IPM approach which stands for Integrated Pest Management and that simply means that we approach pest control from a conscientious standpoint considering how we can take care of our clients' pest control needs while also minimizing the effects on non-target pests, the environment, etc. While many people will still look for exterminator companies near them, you will notice that the term is not used by many pest control companies anymore. With that being said, all of our pest control technicians are highly trained and licensed by the State of Texas Department of Agriculture to perform pest control (or extermination services) to residents of Rowlett. Exodia's lead exterminator (really hitting on the SEO here...) holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and has extensive entomology knowledge allowing our company to provide professional and effective pest control solutions.

Serving Rowlett and Surrounding Areas

We specialize in serving clients located in the eastern Dallas metro area including parts of Dallas county, Collin County, and Rockwall County with a primary focus on the cities of Rowlett, Wylie, and Rockwall, TX. Pest control is a common necessity, and Exodia strives to serve as many clients as possible within our service range. We are proud to offer comprehensive pest control services covering this vast region and we are delighted to be able to provide experienced and dedicated exterminators to diverse parts of the city. If you are located in our service area and are troubled by pests, our team of professional technicians is committed to providing you with affordable, high-quality service. 

  • Rowlett is one of the bordering cities of Lake Ray Hubbard and has many natural, greenbelt areas and these factors lead to high pest pressure and activity for local residents.

  • Exodia Pest Control provides pest control services to Rowlett, TX and the surrounding areas!

  • Due to the proximity to the lake and the relatively older neighborhoods in Rowlett, we see a lot of rodent and wildlife activity in the area. Those are the most commonly requested services by Rowlett residents.

  • There are a couple of companies that service the Rowlett area each with different pricing and service stipulations (such as contract vs no contract) and the price will depend on what pests you are dealing with as well. For general pest control, Exodia Pest Control charges $199 for an initial service visit and then $49 / month for quarterly service with no contracts (meaning that you can cancel at any time) and a re-treatment warranty including all general pests which means that we will come out and treat your home for free in between visits if you have any general pest issues! 

  • I mean, not to sound biased or anything, but Exodia Pest Control is absolutely the best pest control company in Rowlett, TX. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Rowlett Pest Control

Google 5 Star Review.

"Exodia Pest Control has been my go-to service for pest control in Rowlett, and they have always exceeded my expectations. Eastan and Kody were thorough, knowledgeable, and courteous. They comprehensively inspected my property and provided a detailed report with recommendations. They are truly the best pest control service provided here! Highly recommended!"

Lena M.

Rowlett Client

Google 5 Star Review.

"I just moved to Rowlett and was so upset over my mosquito problem being next to the lake. I looked up Pest Control near me and found Exodia Pest Control. They got back with me right away! All I can say is WOW! So impressed with this company wish I could give them way more than 5 stars!! The team was very polite, professional, and just down to earth people. Plus couldn't beat the price! Would highly recommend! I even got my neighbor on board! (:"

Amanda J. 

Rowlett Client

Google 5 Star Review.

"Exodia Pest Control has been our go to guys ever since we moved to Rowlett. These dudes are awesome! Went above and beyond then any service we have had in the past! They do an amazing job! Definitely recommend if you are wanting fair prices and those nasty pests gone!"

Luke P.

Rowlett Client

Google 5 Star Review.

"The house that we bought here in Rowlett had a rodent issue in the attic. Exodia Pest Control came highly recommended by the neighbors, so we called them, and they immediately came to the rescue! Kody conducted a thorough inspection and sealed all entry points to prevent further infestation. Also, set up traps and monitored the situation until all the rodents were gone. Thanks to their expertise, my home is now rodent-free, and I feel much more at ease."

Eva A.

Rowlett Client

Google 5 Star Review.

"I was so impressed with this company! So I just had to give 5 stars! I HATE creepy crawlies and they were able to get rid of them and now I can enjoy my back yard again! Thank you Exodia Pest Control! Rowlett is lucky to have you!"

Amber W.

Rowlett Client

Google 5 Star Review.

"This is the best pest control company in Rowlett by far. These guys came out to handle the rodents in my attic and were able to get rid of them swiftly when the previous company could not seem to get anywhere with them. I now use them for mosquito control and general quarterly pest services, and they are just amazing. Super sweet and knowledgeable, and always take the time to explain the treatments and answer any of my pest questions. 5 stars from me!"

Susan N.

Rowlett Client

Exodia Pest Control Company Vehicle

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