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Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control


There is no doubt that your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. In order to protect that investment, it is important to keep your home and family free of unwanted pests. With Exodia's residential pest control services, you can protect the value of your home as well as the health of your family. You can suffer financial loss and structural damage from pests, while others carry diseases that can impact your health.


Effective pest control begins with identifying the factors limiting a pest's reproduction and survival potential. In order to control pest populations, it is important to remove pests' food, water, and shelter. The longer-lasting, more significant impact can be achieved when combined with appropriate chemical control measures.


Using our knowledge, training, and years of experience, we can identify and administer the most effective pest control measures. You can count on our licensed professional technicians to protect your home from ants, cockroaches, spiders, mice, yellow jackets, and other pests.


With our residential pest control programs, you can choose a level of service that best fits your life. Our services are 100 % guaranteed to protect your home against pests.



Our Pest Control Programs


Home Perimeter 


Using professional-grade pesticides and routine pest control, our standard Home Perimeter Pest Control Program provides year-round, guaranteed protection against invading pests. We guarantee coverage for the covered pests in your home with the Interior Guarantee, which means we will happily come out and treat for covered pests in your home between visits free of charge! 


Lawn and Landscape 


With the use of professional-grade pesticides and routine pest control, we protect your lawn and landscape from invading pests throughout the year. Using our Exterior Guarantee, we guarantee coverage for covered pests in your lawn and landscape, and we will gladly come out and re-treat covered pests free of charge between visits!


Mosquito Control


During the mosquito season, we routinely treat your yard once every three weeks with professional-grade pesticides from March through November (12 visits). Each time we visit your yard, we inspect it and make recommendations. We guarantee mosquito coverage in your yard, and if mosquitoes re-appear between visits, we'll come out and re-treat for free.


How We Provide Residential Pest Control In Texas


In our process, we begin by inspecting your home and property thoroughly, in order to prevent as many potential problems as possible before they arise. Generally, you only need to treat the outside of your home for pests to avoid infestation. So don't wait until there is something inside before calling us. After all, the best defense is a good offense.


Why Exodia Is The Best Residential Pest Control Company In Collin, Dallas, and Rockwall Counties




  • Our clients support our business by choosing us for their pest control needs, and we make sure to reciprocate that support by making sure they are always satisfied with our work. We encourage you to contact us if you are not satisfied. At no additional cost, we will always come out and ensure your satisfaction with our work.




  • To ensure our clients receive high-quality services, our field agents are properly trained and licensed according to state and federal regulations. The fact that we are fully insured also gives our clients peace of mind.




  • Every field agent is required to pass legal, background, and drug tests both on their initial and ongoing visits to our client's properties. Regarding showing up to the property, you can expect us to show up on schedule and you'll receive communication from us in the event that you need to be rescheduled (such as a weather delay). 


You'll know it's us when we arrive because we arrive in style. In the field, we use fully branded vehicles and uniforms. Our purple trucks are the only ones driving around - you can't miss us.




  • Using our standardized and systematic pricing, we can provide clients with instant price quotes for many of our services, and for those that we cannot, we make sure to meet our clients as soon as possible to give them an estimate. Our clients benefit from an easy onboarding process! 


With Exodia, you'll receive automatic invoicing, billing, service reminders, etc. once you become a client. You are not billed until the work is complete, and we accept all major credit / debit cards.


Your home doesn't have to be a pest-infested zone. We at Exodia Pest Control have the expertise and skill to eradicate pest infestations effectively. With our residential pest control service, you can keep your home and family pest-free using only the most effective methods. Our hard-working pest technicians (driving the purple trucks) will evaluate your pest problems and develop a customized pest control solution for you. In addition to eliminating existing pests invading your home, we help prevent them from returning by performing regular pest control visits. Make an appointment with us today!

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