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Mosquito Control Program

Standard Program

We provide guaranteed protection from mosquitos in your yard throughout the mosquito season by routinely treating your yard every 3 weeks from April through October (10 visits) with professional-grade pesticides. We also inspect your yard each visit and make recommendations accordingly. This program comes with a Pest Free Guarantee which means that we guarantee coverage for mosquitos in your yard and we will happily come out and re-treat for mosquitos in between visits free of charge!

Inspection Every 3 Weeks

Fogging Pesticide Application Every 3 Weeks

Helps Control Other Pests Too

Exodia Pest Free Guarantee



Covered Pests: Mosquitos.

Starting Price!

No contracts. You may cancel at any time!

Natural Program

The natural program provides all of the same benefits as the standard program, but with the added benefit of using natural / green pesticide alternatives that are safer for you, your family, your pets, and the environment! Our products use blends of natural essential oils, garlic, and other natural compounds instead of the commercially used synthetic chemicals that are normally applied. They are still effective, but we do not offer a warranty for our natural mosquito service.

Covered Pests: Mosquitos

Starting Price!

No contracts. You may cancel at any time!



Inspection Every 3 Weeks

Fogging Pesticide Application Every 3 Weeks

Helps Control Other Pests Too

Natural Essential Oils

Are you looking for mosquito control services near you? Call us today at 214-994-2052 or don't click the button below to schedule a service now.

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We offer year-round protection for your lawn and landscape.

All prices provided include a lot size up to 0.25 acre. An additional $10 per service will be added to the price for every additional 0.25 acre beyond that.

In2Care Mosquito System

Available as an add-on service to either of our primary mosquito control programs, the In2Care Mosquito System will add another layer of mosquito protection to your yard!


Mosquitos in your yard will be attracted to this device to breed due to the environment created by the device's interior structure, our placement of the device in key areas, and our added chemical attractants. Upon breeding, the mosquito will be infected with both a larvicide and a slow-killing biological fungus. Our chemical larvicides will exterminate the mosquito larvae. Additionally, while the biocide is acting on the adult mosquito, the mosquito will carry the larvicide to other breeding sites and infect them as well. 

The In2Care system is a great add-on to rid your property of mosquitos. In particular, this system is especially beneficial if your neighbors are not utilizing mosquito control services or if you back up to a lake, pond, or greenbelt area. In both cases, this system provides more extensive control that we would not achieve with our standard mosquito control program.

PRICE: $49 per system for the initial installation and then $15 per system each service visit for replacing the nets, chemicals, water, etc. as well as device maintenance. 

PRICE: $49 per system for the initial installation and then $25 per system each service visit for replacing the nets, chemicals, water, etc. as well as device maintenance. 

Exodia Pest Free Guarantee

When you choose Exodia to protect your yard from mosquitos, you know that you're covered with our Pest Free Guarantee. This is a guarantee that you won't be dealing with mosquitos in your yard and in the unlikely event that you do, we will gladly come out at any time in between your visits to treat for those mosquitos completely free of charge! Please be advised that the service is performed outdoors in an open system which makes it impossible to guarantee a complete eradication and full control of the mosquitos; however, you can expect a 90-95% reduction in the total population of mosquitos at your property.

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