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Why Everyone Chooses Exodia...

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We truly love what we do, and we feel blessed to be able to do work that we are passionate about. We also love our company and are dedicated to seeing our operations expand and our reach grow.


Finally, and most importantly, we love our clients. Probably more than most of them realize! Honestly... we love it all. And that is why our company is unique - we are here because want to be and that reflects in our work and in our relationships with our clients.

Service Location(s): Murphy, Rowlett, Sachse, Wylie


Customer Service Phone Number: 214-994-2052

​Customer Service


Hours Of Operation: Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM

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Each and every one of our clients supports our business by choosing us for their pest control service needs, and we make sure to reciprocate that support with our clients and ensure that they are always satisfied with our work. If you are not satisfied, please contact us and let us know. We stand by our work and will always be happy to come out and ensure your satisfaction at no additional charge.


Our field agents are properly trained and licensed as per state and federal regulations to ensure our clients are receiving high quality services. Additionally, our clients can rest assured knowing that we are fully insured.


We believe it is vital that our clients who are inviting us to their properties feel safe and secure with our staff which is why every single one of our field agents passes both initial and ongoing legal, background, and drug tests.

Speaking of showing up to the property, you can expect us to show up on schedule and you'll receive communication from us in the event that you need to be rescheduled (such as a weather delay).


When we arrive, you'll know it's us because we show up professionally in style. Our company utilizes fully branded vehicles and uniforms when in the field. You can't miss us - we're the only ones with purple trucks driving around.


Due to our standardized and systematic pricing, we are able to give clients immediate price quotes on many of our services and those which we cannot we make sure to get out to meet our clients as soon as possible for an estimate. This leads to a quick and easy onboarding for our prospective clients!

Once you're our client, you will enjoy the benefits of automatic invoicing, billing, service reminders, etc. from our company. We accept all major credit / debit cards and we don't bill you until after the work is complete.


Our clients have the piece of mind knowing that they can cancel at any time. 

Do you have a question for us? If so, feel free to give us a ring!

Call 214-994-2052

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Hours of Operation


9 AM - 6 PM


9 AM - 6 PM


9 AM - 6 PM


9 AM - 6 PM


9 AM - 6 PM





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