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We are always looking for help and would love to have you part of our "X-Force" family!

Exodia is an equal employment opportunity employer. We adhere to a policy of making employment decisions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, age or disability; furthermore, we assure you that your opportunity for employment with this Company depends solely on your qualifications. While we prefer our applicants to have experience in the pest control industry, it is not by any means required. The general process for becoming an employee with Exodia is as follows:

STEP 1) Complete the "Exodia Job Application Form" (provided below) in its entirety and pass our initial screening which will be based solely on the information that you provide in your application.

STEP 2) Complete an interview and pass our secondary screening which will be based on your performance in the interview as well as your overall application.

STEP 3) Complete drug test screening and pass criminal background and reference checks. This is typically our final major check prior to onboarding prospective employees. 

STEP 4) Complete a probationary employment period of thirty (30) days in which we will ensure that you can meet our standards and expectations and you can ensure that we are indeed a good fit for you.

STEP 5) Congratulations! You are now an official employee of Exodia and apart of the highly renowned "X-Force" family. 

For more information or further inquiries, you may contact us at

Exodia Job Application Form

You have successfully submitted your application. Thank you for your interest in Exodia!

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Submission Information

In exchange for the consideration of my job application by Exodia Pest Control LLC (may also be referred to as "Company" henceforth), I agree that: Neither the acceptance of this application nor the subsequent entry into any type of employment relationship, either in the position applied for or any other position, and regardless of the contents of employee handbooks, personnel manuals, benefit plans, policy statements, and the like as they may exist from time to time, or other Company practices, shall serve to create an actual or implied contract of employment, or to confer any right to remain an employee of Company or otherwise to change in any respect the employment-at-will relationship between it and the undersigned, and that relationship cannot be altered except by a written instrument signed by an owner of Company. Both the undersigned and Company may end the employment relationship at any time, without specified notice or reason. If employed, I understand that Company may unilaterally change or revise their benefits, policies and procedures and such changes may include reduction in benefits. I further understand that my employment with Company shall be probationary for a period of thirty (30) days, and further that at any time during the probationary period or thereafter, my employment relation with Company is terminable at will for any reason by either party. By my virtual signature below, I certify that (a) the information I provided on and in connection with this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and (b) I also understand that any false statements or deliberate omissions on this form may subject me to legal actions for fraudulent misrepresentation and (c) I have read, understood, and fully agree to all Company terms & conditions, policies & procedures, and practices.

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